Further Collections


Kilkenny Archives are currently in a position to accept further donations.
We are now in receipt of an annual grant from Kilkenny County Council.

During the years 1993 to 2018 the following Collections have been given to Kilkenny Archives Ltd. Those for which we are custodians have been so marked.

The following collections have now been fully accessioned:

The Prior-Wandesforde Papers– 24 boxes. This includes the war correspondence (1914-1918) of Capt. Henry Prior-Wandesforde and his sons Lt. Christopher P-W  (killed June 1917) and Lt. Ferdinand P-W. It was to have gone to the National Library of Ireland they were persuaded that Kilkenny was the more relevant place especially as we had the family papers rather than the estate papers which are in Dublin.

The Barton (Ballyline) Papers– 6 boxes.

The Wheeler-Cuffe (Leyrath) Papers– 4 boxes & 2 large items.

The Gowran Castle Estate Papers– 18 boxes.

The Kilkenny Castle Papers– 26 boxes.

The Kilkenny Castle Estate Office Papers (Sydenham Davis) – 5 boxes.

The Kavanagh Estate (Borris) Papers– 7 boxes.

The Briggs-Swifte Papers (Swiftesheath) – 14 boxes & 1 large item.

Glanbia Papers (in our custody and management but they remain the property of the company). These are added too as new old material is discovered in old creameries.

The Maidenhall – Lavistown Collection (received October 2012 – and fully catalogued by end of February 2013 – 22 boxes & 2 large items. Quite a lot of material in this collection relates to Hubert Butler.

The Butler Society Papers (in our custody for management).

Margaret Tynan Papers– 2 boxes – gifted and catalogued last year. Additional material in the form of photographs etc have just come in.

Archbishop Thomas White Collection

O.G.S. Crawford Collection of photographs of Kilkenny c.1946.

In the process of being accessioned or partly so :

Our Ladies Queen of Heaven Ladies Charity of Kilkenny city. (Accounts books available).

The Nin Bligh Papers.

The Kitt M. Lanigan Papers.

The Home Rule Club of Kilkenny, founded 1894. (Accounts and Minute books available).

Willoughby Jewellers of High St., Kilkenny Papers. (Account books and order books available).

A very rare ledger which documents the details of the Charitable Society of the City of Kilkenny which ledger covers the years from 1830 until 1849. The details this ledger holds relating to the Famine years in Kilkenny are particularly notable.